food in me

All those that know me, know how much i love food, and those that know me well, know that i love drawing anything related to food. Life has taken a big leap forward and seen me busy with installations and teaching-i’m having a great time but i have felt a little out of touch with my pen and paper. So, just like my 10 day colour project that i worked on a year back, i set my self another project.¬† One month to illustrate everything that i eat, day by day. It’s called ‘food in me’. I guess it is kind of like a food journal, not one i am using to keep track of calories or fat intake (!) but ultimately just to draw all the things i am lucky enough to eat and drink. Whether with friends or on my own, i’ll take a note or a photo to remind me what to draw that day. All drawings are completed on the day in my kraft notebook with a grey felt tip, nothing too fancy. I am not sure what i will do with 30 pages of hand drawn food, but maybe another idea will come later-it’d be fun to look back on when i am 60. Until then, happy eating! and hope you like my illustrations x m. (i’ll post week by week so i don’t bore you with daily uploads! )


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