My lovely friend Lisa Engelhardt is the creative mind behind  Print / Fabric label OrchisMorio. Fueled by passion for colour, travel and rejuivination her latest designs have been inspired by her recent trip to Cambodia.  Titled ‘Midnight Citrus’,  her robust and powerful colourways have been digitally printed onto chiffon and will make the most gorgeous dresses! I had the pleasure of assisting Lisa with the installation of her fabric for her ‘Open Studio’ at the wonderful Nicholas building this week.  It was inspiring to work along side Lisa and hear how her designs unfold, below are photographs i took at open studio on Thursday night, be sure to check out Lisa’s website to see what she is up to and to buy some of her work, all the best to you girl! x m.

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  1. […] I enjoyed prowling through studios as much as I do every year but I thought there were fewer participants and less variety of …stuff… for want of a better descriptor. The exception to this was the outstanding work in room 17 on the 9th floor. There’s a mixed bunch of artists in there, including a costume designer who has worked with Opera Victoria and two skilled jewelers. An excellent review of the work of the fourth artist in this tiny studio, Lisa Engelhardt, can be found here: theworldoflittlethings […]

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