I like to stop to enjoy the little things, they always get me. I also love to draw, paint, write, take pictures and have a damn good time, hope you have fun checking out all the little things that make me happy! enjoy x m.
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My lovely friend Chelsea is getting married this year and she asked me to design her wedding invitations. Take a peak at what i designed for her and Daniel. This is my hand illustrated little love tree. Congratulations guys! Lots of love x M. ps. if you’d like any invitations made you can email me … Continue reading


I have a thing for notebooks. I never draw on the first page of a fresh notebook, and i keep all of my old ones. Hoarder? Possibly, but there is something about flicking through them, looking at scribbles and notes, doodles and hand writing. I came across my Grandpa’s note books from engine school last … Continue reading


It has been a long time. I have no excuse really for my time away from blog land, except to say that i have been spending more time with a paint brush and pen, a camera and notebook and surrounding myself with creative an inspiring people. Today time was spent in amongst the soil with … Continue reading

Fionnuala and Richard

Fionnuala called from her mobile in London to my phone here in Melbourne a little over a year ago, excitedly sharing the news that Richard had proposed to her around his 30th birthday whist holidaying in Spain! With beaming smiles across the globe and excitement spreading throughout our friendship group here, we all couldn’t wait … Continue reading

our place

My friend Helen and I moved into out little town house earlier this year. We love being here and have sprinkled it with all of our things. Colour is something we clearly love most…and our wonderful couch and dining table. Being at home today made me appreciate how comfortable i am here and how lucky … Continue reading

food in me

All those that know me, know how much i love food, and those that know me well, know that i love drawing anything related to food. Life has taken a big leap forward and seen me busy with installations and teaching-i’m having a great time but i have felt a little out of touch with … Continue reading

bella bee : spring time : Christmas

My lovely Aunt is at it again, working hard and putting hours of labour and love into producing 100% pure Australian beeswax candles. After an extremely successful week at Reed’s gift fair i thought i would show you the latest candles that have been added to the collection. A big thanks to Chris Polack for … Continue reading


My lovely friend Lisa Engelhardt is the creative mind behind  Print / Fabric label OrchisMorio. Fueled by passion for colour, travel and rejuivination her latest designs have been inspired by her recent trip to Cambodia.  Titled ‘Midnight Citrus’,  her robust and powerful colourways have been digitally printed onto chiffon and will make the most gorgeous … Continue reading

The Golden Pleasure Book of Biology

Charley Harper is my favourite illustrator and my friend Tom made my day by sharing with me his copy of Charley Harper’s first commissioned publication “The Golden Pleasure book of Biology” 1961.  Brilliantly illustrated with opaque water colour, Haper made me fall in love with biology all over again with his simple lines, bold colour … Continue reading